Jungle Boss is one of the leading, certified adventure tourism companies in Vietnam.

We offer exclusive cave and jungle treks for small groups in the UNESCO-listed Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and surrounding areas, including our newest trek to Pygmy cave, the 4th largest cave in the world and Kong Collapse one of the deepest sinkhole on the planet. It is our mission to provide you with a unique, safe adventure that you’ll remember for years to come, all while not breaking the bank.

Jungle Boss is the only tour operator who runs the number one adventure in Vietnam – the Kong Collapse Top Adventure tour


Knowledgeable tour guides

Our jungle musketeers are highly-trained and know the area like the back of their hand.

Setting out into the Vietnam jungle can not only be intimidating, but dangerous! Our qualified local guides offer insight into the environment and culture. You’ll learn more from our knowledgeable and fun-loving leaders than you could learn from any book!

Your safety is our top priority

Jungle Boss have been working British Caves Research Association, National Speleogical Society, Vietnam Swimming & Life Saving on caving technique and for rescue training the tour guide, safety assistant as well as porter team. European-standard gears are also equipped for all Jungle Boss crew and guests to ensure the maximum safety. All safety gears in the cave and at the technical store will go through a strict maintenance process to minimize the risk. 

For Kong Collapse Top Adventure, we have cooperate with different organizations in over the world to build a Safety Process which is approved by Quang Binh People’s Committee.

We explore the place where others don't

At Jungle Boss, we never stop seeking for new caves where other people have NOT been. With a desire of giving our adventurers the best unique experience, we organize trek to the untouched area of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park to explore the hidden underground system where other people don’t go. 

After one year of exploring and working on safety, Jungle Boss now launches the number one adventure in Vietnam, KONG COLLAPSE TOP ADVENTURE which includes 100m abseil out of the eye of Kong.   

Environment protection & community based sustainable development are some of our goals

Our founder is a nature conservationist. He builds Jungle Boss with a passion of eco-tourism based on sustainable development of local community. Hunting animals, cutting trees, touching cave formations, using chemical shower cream or shampoo,… are not allowed in all Jungle Boss tours. Tourist are requested to follow the forest protection rules and respect the local custom. 

Jungle Boss is also one of the pioneer in GREEN CAMPAIGNS to protect the environment of the area.

Flexible Cancellation Policies

At Jungle Boss, we always stay on customer’s side to understand and give the best solutions at your best satisfaction with a flexible cancellation policies. 


Jungle Boss offers different tours from 1 day to 4 days 3 nights with different adventure levels from easy to strenuous. Choose your best adventure for a life-time experience! 

The Number One Adventure Tour in Vietnam is now launched by Jungle Boss. Kong Collapse Top Adventure with 100m abseiling out of the eye of Kong  is the best experience of Vietnam caving.

Two days one night tours

Three days two nights tour

Five days four nights tour

You may concern

Yes, you are. You will be equipped with life jacket. There is also a safety assistant to help you. Rubber boat is available on some overnight tours.

Please read the cave swimming skills HERE for more information 

The abseil of 7m in Pgymy cave is only applied for the hang Pygmy exploration 2 days 1 night tour and Tiger cave series adventure 3 days 2 nights tour. The Kong Collapse Top Adventure tour requires 100m of abseiling with three sections of 30m, 20m, and 50m   

 If you have caving, hiking, and camping experience it will be an advance. If you don’t, no worry. Jungle Boss will give you the best advice on choosing the right itinerary. There also safety assistant to help you while trekking or caving. 

If you join Kong Collapse Top Adventure tour, you will be required to train caving skill one day before departure with Jungle Boss crew.

It’s not neccessary as Jungle Boss will provide all safety gears and camping equipment. If you wish to have your own gears, please talk to our consultant team. Here is the list of gears that Jungle Boss will provide

Jungle Boss provides a variety of food including rice, meat, vegetable, fish, eggs,…. There will be options for vegan, vegetarian, halal,… Please tell us if you have any special requirement

Yes. There are composting toilets at all campsites. Please talk to your tour guide for instructions.

At Jungle Boss, we always stay on customer’s side to understand and give the best solutions at your best satisfaction with a flexible cancellation policies. Please find the detailed cancellations policies HERE

We understand that every year, hikers are struck by lightning. It often results in severe burns, cardiac arrest… or even death. Direct lightning strikes are quite exceptional, but indirect lightning strikes and their consequences are to be taken very seriously. We will first see how to try not to find yourself exposed to lightning, then what to do if you find yourself in the vicinity of it. 

A risk management process to avoid lightning during the tours is built by Jungle Boss experts. Please read carefully the instructions

Top Destinations

First seen in 1997, Kong Collapse is recognized as one of the deepest sinkhole on the planet. This doline has been resurveyed by Jungle Boss team with a lot of interesting finds. Read more

Known as Hang En Ruc Caroong by locals. Pygmy cave is the fourth largest cave by volume. Jungle Boss is the solo operator to organize tours to this hidden underground. Read more

Found in 1997 during a cave expedition conducted by British Caves Research Association. The name Tiger was given when the cavers saw tiger footprints inside this cave. Read more 

Hang Over is the longest cave of Tiger cave system. This beautiful dry cave has a lot of marvelous formations. Recently in 2020, the Jungle Boss crew has found a brand new passage of hang Over which leads to another doline. Read more 

Located in the restricted zone of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. Tra Ang Valley is the heaven of jungle trekking and cave exploration. Read more

This river cave is 600m long. Tra Ang cave is where people can experience at swimming in a dark cave after a short jungle trek. Read more

Located in the heart of Phong Nha – Ke Bang World Natural Heritage site, Ma Da valley is where people can have some good jungle trek, enjoy the crystal waters of Ma Da lake where you will have chance to jump from a cliff into the amazing lake. Read more

This cave was used during the Vietnamese war as a shelter. Elephant cave tour is now exclusively operated by Jungle Boss. The entrances are huge with beautiful formations. Read more 


We offer a unique cultural experience while enjoying western comforts.

Our homestay is a rather special place, located just 3 short kilometers to downtown Phong Nha shops and restaurants. When you stay with us, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking mountain side and well taken care of by our friendly staff. Experience authentic Vietnamese culture and find peace at our comfy homestay. 

Become knowledgeable of the cutlure and lifestyle in Vietnam, and get a real insight into a traditional Vietnamese farm.

We define organic agriculture as an integrated farming system that strives for sustainability. Vietnamese organic farmers do not allow nature to take over their farms. They use their knowledge, techniques and available materials to work with the environment. In doing this, local organic farmers create a healthy balance between nature and farming, where crops and livestock can grow and thrive in their given landscape.









Dzung Le

Founder & CEO
The Jungle Boss. A true man of the community and conservation. A true Boss of the Jungle. Dzung, AKA Jungle Boss, started his company with 2 goals in mind, saving the jungle, and helping his community. Dzung was introduced to an NGO in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park whose goal was to protect and conserve plants and wildlife of the area. In 2008 Dzung moved to Phong Nha to work with them. As the Field Assistant Manager, he saw to it that logging stopped, animal traps were confiscated and that poaching was pushed out of the area. Through his efforts the NGO built a rehabilitation center known as the Rescue Station, which operates to this day. In 2015, the Jungle Boss Homestay was born. Starting with just 4 employees, a small homestay and the Abandoned Valley Trek, Boss grew the company substantially. Now, through Jungle Boss Trekking Tours and the Jungle Boss Homestay he successfully provides 100+ sustainable jobs for the local community, and pays ~20% of gross income into the National Park. Boss is a firm believer in the future of Phong Nha, and hopes that together with the help of travelers, the local community and the Jungle Boss family, conservation standards can be set not only for Vietnam, but for Southeast Asia.

Captain Uy

Deputy Director & Technical Advisor
Captain is the Jungle man of the area. He was born in the Phong Nha village & learns to live off the land from his father. The jungle is like his second home, learning how to hunt & gather from a young age in this beautiful part of Vietnam. He then took his knowledge & started working as tour guide for Jungle Boss. He helps building Jungle Boss to what it is today. He rises through ranks successfully.


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